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List of new features in the various versions of Opera Job Management

Version notes

= new feature
= bug fix
= update
= known bug

Opera JM 3.9

Main features
Systems matching
2D Optimization File:video.png link al video
Job reports management: drop down menu and save attachment
Pane color management
Assembled pane management
Switch opening for sliding
Typology mirror
Order categories
Structure ID

Minor updates
New field Document sent
Definition of the systems presentation order
Glass size rounding

Opera JM 3.8.6

Main features
New menu File:video.png link al video
Text styles File:video.png link al video
Codex sintax File:video.png link al video
Waste management
Management of unusable areas
Calculations: extra cost management

Minor updates
Labor time with machinings
Notes on materials
Quantities calculation in job lines
New function Disable in the job material data management
Message management for oversized panes
How to manage Optimization 2D File:video.png link al video

Opera JM 3.8.5

Headings restyling
New document syntax
Rates management
Improved filter Inventory Management
Profile archive Restyling
Management of the delivery date of the order and of the warehouse order
Setting margins in documents

Opera JM 3.8

Main features
Warehouse consolidation (3.8.4 and above)
Added feature to group job cuts by ID (3.8.4 and above)
Custom categories for price color (3.8.4 and above)
Improved layout of job batches (3.8.4 and above)
Cloud documents as Job attachments (3.8.4 and above)
New dxf import system (3.8.4 and above)
Project management (3.8.3 and above)
Job Messages (3.8.3 and above)
Unified control for job options (3.8.3 and above)
Custom window chart in documents (3.8.3 and above)
Cloud backups (3.8.2 and above)
Advanced leftover management (3.8.2 and above)
Project log (3.8.2 and above)
Job status history (3.8.2 and above)
Technical catalogs (3.8.1 and above)
Added support for wood profiles (3.8.1 and above)
Warehouse management (3.8.0 and above)
Minor updates
Quick search in jobs (3.8.4 and above)
Item previews in Parts dialog (3.8.4 and above)
Item preview in Pane dialog(3.8.4 and above)
Glass price can inglude an extra cost based on its perimeter (3.8.4 and above)
Added live grids printout (3.8.4 and above)
Multiple percentages is margin rates (3.8.4 and above)
Added restock quantity for items in warehouse (3.8.4 and above)
Vertical notes (3.8.2 and above)
Assembled profiles printout (3.8.2 and above)
Added Selling discount class to price list(3.8.2 and above)
Improved handling of DXF entities (3.8.3 and above)
Check online users connected to the database (3.8.3 and above)

New print format for job modules (3.8.1 and above)
Keyword seach in warehouse (3.8.1 and above)
Added support for formulas in job lines (3.8.1 and above)
Added support for image transparency (3.8.1 and above)
Added feature to flip machinings (3.8.1 and above)
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