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Release notes

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= bug fix
= update
= known bug

Opera JM 3.8.2

Most relevant news
Cloud backup
Waste Classes
Project log
Job status management
Vertical oriented notes
Multiple structure insertion
Profile composition report
Pricelist discount rates

Opera JM 3.8.1

Most relevant news
New management of technical catalogs
Management of wood profiles
Machining mirroring
Management of image transparency
Job lines with the pricing formula
Search by keywords in the inventory
New feature in the inventory setup: Off-cut length step
Automatic detection of surfaces and section weights
New print format for the job order form
Typology preview during the change of the display settings

Opera JM 3.8

Most relevant news
Complete inventory management
Inventory Documents Management
Inventory Movement History
Multiple Warehouse
Countinuous Inventory
Multiple discounts on the Total Price
How to add the shipping costs
Other news
Formulas in Guidelines
Job Machining Exclusion
Detailed Types descriptions from Options
Standard Margin Rates per Typology
Commercial name for systems and series

Opera JM 3.7

Most relevant news
Automatic profile selections
Guide lines in worksheet
Custom prices in jobs
Equal height in vertical panes
Default output folder for reports
Other news
Improvements in setting dimensions
Improved node archive
Automated creation of cross section
Added feature to insert reference points in cross sections
Added feature to display item names in cross sections
New job reports
Improved worksheet
Improved searches in pane kits for curtain walls
Expired barcodes are deleted on program shutdown
Added new features in typology data

Opera JM 3.6

Most relevant news
New Squares theme
Typology notes in worksheet
Improved network perfomance with shared archives
Job batches
Integration with third party CRM software
New job reports (Structure diagrams and Structure nodes and machinings)
QR Code management
Local and Web jobs integration in Jobs dialog
Kit CE 3.4
Other news
Price list import/export to spreadsheet
Spreadsheet export of archive data
Panels configuration
Improved Change codes feature
Improved pane reports
Added filters in Price list revision source
Automatic creation of profiles and accessories in Price update
Added new insert type for Apply structure feature in worksheet
Connection driver to VarioTec hardware DLL
Added feature to select accessories to display in complete diagrams
Added margin rate for profile and options in pricelist
CE marking in spanish
Added price lock in job snapshots
Importing options between agents
Improved import/copy between price list revisions
Enhanced logo position in document headings
Muntins management in price list
Advanced floor mananagement and related accessories
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