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Systems archive
Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Archives menu, then select System

This archive allows to manage profiles and accessories brands.

Note NOTE:
For example, if you have to record a new type of profile or accessory first you need to put in the brand name of these items in to the systems archive and the names of all series belonging to that brand name.

Contents description

  • Name: The name or brand name of the system, as seen in the catalogue..
  • Desc: System description
  • Supplier: The name of the supplier. Program can automatically place the supplier’s name on material order forms.
  • Hardware typology: Specifies the structures of this system are worth for all the series of the system itself
  • Profiles margin rt.: the margin rate to be applied to all the profiles of this system
  • Hardware margin rt.: the margin rate to be applied to all the hardware of this system
  • File:classidisconto.png: allows multiple discount rates to be assigned to accessoires and profiles belonging to the same system.
  • File:standard.png: this button is used to customize typologies.

Most of the systems, especially profile systems, are subdivided into various series according to usage, gasket type, etc… therefore it is necessary that brand names, some general data and the price per kilo of the series relative to the system are shown in the system archive.

  • File:tastoicone.png opens serie icons archive allowing users to add one or more icons for the selected series and system.

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