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La finestra di gestione dei cataloghi tecnici e delle schede tecniche
Note N.B: Per accedere a questo riquadro in Opera Gestione Commesse: dal menĂ¹ Archivi, selezionare il pulsante Sistemi e premere il pulsante Image:tastocataloghi.png

This framework allows the entry of technical catalogs or data sheets, divided by System and Series.


Section 1: The filters

The first section contains fields that filter the catalogs or cards already registered:

  • System/Series: shows only catalogs or fact sheets for the selected System and Series.
  • Type: shows documents selected from a drop-down menu (Catalogs or Data Sheet)
  • Key: allows you to filter documents based on the matched key.

Section 2: The action keys

  • File:tastopiu.pngFile:tastomeno.pngFile:tastodiverso.pngFile:tastouguale.png: keys for inserting, deleting, editing and copying a document.
  • The key File:tastoapridocumento.png allows us to view any attachments combined with the inserted document.
  • The key File:tastoexcel.png allows us to export the documents in the Technical Catalogs archive to an excel sheet.

Section 3: Document master data

  • Name/Desc: in these fields we indicate the name of the Catalog or Data Sheet and the description.
  • Key: allows us to match a search key, which can be used in the filter fields, in the case of multiple documents registered in the archive.
  • Type: in this field we need to specify the type of document we intend to match with the System and Series.
  • Language: field to define the language of the document.
  • System/Series: fields for selecting the System and Series of reference.
  • Publish to WEB: this field is activated with the purchase of the Orchestra step for online quoting and allows you to send the selected document to the web.

Section 3: The function keys

  • The key File:tastoicona.png opens the icon management panel related to the technical catalog or board.

  • The key File:tastocapitoli.png opens the framework for managing individual catalog chapters and entering pages of greatest interest.

  • The key File:tastodescrizione.png opens the framework for inputting a catalog or card description.

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