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Note N.B: To access this window into Opera Job Management: from menu Archives, select the botton System and push Image:tastocataloghi.png

This window lets you to add technical catalogues or technical data sheet, they are divided into System and Series.

Section 1: Filters

The first section contains fields that filter the catalogues and tabs already recorded:

  • System/Series: it shows only catalogues and tabs for System and Series selected
  • Type: it dispalys selected document from a drop-down menu (Catalogues or technical data sheet)
  • Keyword: it lets you to filter documents according to matched Keyword.

Section 2: Action buttons

  • File:tastopiu.pngFile:tastomeno.pngFile:tastodiverso.pngFile:tastouguale.png: input keys, delete keys, edit keys and paste of a document
  • Button File:tastoapridocumento.png lets you to dispaly attachments linked to the document already added.
  • Button File:tastoexcel.png you can export the documents taking parts of technical catalogue archives in excel sheet.

Section 3: document data

  • Name/Desc.: we point at Catalogue name or tecnichal tab and the description.
  • Keyword: it lets you to match a research key, it is useful in the filter fileds, in the case of many documents registered in the archive.
  • Type: in this field you have to indicate type of document which you want to link to the system and series.
  • Language: you can select the language of the document.
  • System/Series: they are fields refering to the selection of system and series.
  • Send on webservice: this field is activated with the purchase of the Orchestra step for on line quotations and it allows to send the selected document on web.

Section 4: Function buttons

  • Button File:tastoicona.png opens the box of icon management related to technical catalogue or tab.

  • Button File:tastocapitoli.png opens the box for manager catalogue of each chapter and access to pages of more interest

  • Button File:tastodescrizione.png opens the box for entering of catalogue description of a tab.

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