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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Archives menu, then select Documents

This archive is used to store, add or modify default documents that will be used during work order management, in order to speed up the making of estimates or other documents necessary for the work order.

Content description:

  • image:tastonotepad.png: opens the document in windows notepad.
  • image:tastostampa2.png: prints out the document.

  • Name: The document code.
  • Type File:tastomenutendina.png: The document type.
  • Paper size: The document format.
  • Desc: Description of the document.
  • Revision: The revision number of the document
  • Date: The revision date of the document

  • Print PWD prices: In case has been put a password to forbid the access to prices, enabling this function the program will print the quote with the price of each single structure and the total, still not allowing altering them.
  • Top/bottom/left/right margins: These fields are used to set document margins
  • File:tastoimpesp.png: Press this key to import or export text in ASCII format.
  • File:tastostampa4.png: This key is used to print the document.
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