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This part of the guide will introduce you to Opera Job management interface and its most common functions.

Opera Job Management Main Window

On the top of the main program window you can find the program menu. You can select a menĂ¹ item with the left mouse button, or using keyboard arrows to navigate through the menu and then pressing the enter key to confirm. It will show up a program window



Context help (F1)

An example of the help topics list

Pressing the Image:F1.png key in any screen of the program will popup a list of help topics taken from our online guide. The list will show only arguments related to the current window.

Note N.B: In order to use the online context help, an internet connection is required Wiki di Operacompany

Activity log (F3)

The activity log window

Pressing Image:F3.png within archive windows key will show the activity log. Every operation done on the archive data will be shown in this window, along with every single user who made the change. Moreover, it will also be possible to revert back the changes to a previous version

Calculator (F4)

The main window of the calculator

Opera Job Management integrates a standard calculator that you can open with the File:f4.png button.

Char map (F9)

The char map window

The software integrates also a char map: pressing File:f9.png key will show up a new window with all the available special character supported. Double clicking on an item will result the character to be written in the active data field of your window. Otherwise, you can write the charatcer wherever you wish holding down the File:tastoalt.png button and typing the character code shown in the char map.

Remote assistance (F10)

Pressing Image:F10.png it will be possible to receive Remote Assistance from Opera Company technical department. This will allow our staff to act directly on your computer to solve any problem regarding our software.

Note N.B: In order to use remote assistance an internet connection is required
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