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An Opera Archive

Opera windows are rectangular areas with a title Pressing the top-right button will close the window. Another way to accomplish this task is to press the File:ok.png button or the File:invio.png key. All data will also be saved. If you wish to close the window without saving its data, you can simply press the File:annulla.png button or the File:esc.png key


Action buttons

In most of Opera JM windows you can find a set of buttons that allow you to insert, change or save data. Here are the most important ones:

  • File:tastopiu.png Insert new item. This button creates a new (empty) entry. For example, pressing this button in Profiles will add a new empty profile in the list.
  • File:tastomeno.png Delete. This button will delete the selected item from the list
  • File:tastodiverso.png Edit. This button allows you to edit all data of the selected item from the list.
  • File:tastouguale.png Clone. This button will clone all data from the selected item to a new one.

Data search

Element list detail on the left side

Serching data inside a list can be done in different ways. It allows to quickly find the desired item or a part of the archive. You can search for an item simply typing a few letters of its name; otherwise it is possible to scroll any item list with the arrow keys or the mouse wheel. Here below a detailed list of all the search features:

  • Instant search.

The fastest way to quickly find an item is to type a few letters of its code. The program will instantly jump through the list items selecting the first one starting with the typed characters. The matching characters will be underlined in the item list entries. If none of the items withing the list will match the search criteria, an error sound will be heard. Pressing the will delete the current filter criteria.

Note NOTE:
Example: let's suppose we have to find code 59100 in the item list. Typing "5" the selected item in the list will be the first one starting with "5". Then typing "9" the selected item will be the first one containing the number "59". Repeating these steps until the end of the code will select the desired item.

  • Page scroll

Using File:tastopaggiu.png and File:tastopagsu.png keys will scroll the pages from the item list.

  • Search filters

Most of Archive windows allow also users to search through items by category. Just below the window title you will find a set of filters to help you with the search criteria (In the example, System, Series and function are the available filters for that archive.


The scrollbars next to the list item allow users to view all information not shown because of the small space on screen.

File:barra.png The bar (C) indicates the entire area that contains the information. The scroll buttons (A) can be used to show items upwards and downwards. An indicator (B) marks all time the current position inside the item list. The numbers (D) indicate how many items left are in the list if scrolling above or below.

Special fields

  • Load from archive

Near these type of field you can find a small button. Pressing it or hitting File:Paggiu.png key will open a window where to select information from an archive

image:tastoc.png: selects an item code/name from archive
image:tastop.png: opens a system window to select a file path
image:tastod.png: opens a system window to select a directory
image:tastol.png: opens price list archive.

  • Multiple choice File:frecciagiu.png

These field allows user to choose a value from a limited set of values only. In some cases, the value can also be typed down as a normal text field.

Checkbox active and inactive
  • True/False

This field act like a true/false field. When the box is checked, the field is active, otherwise the field is inactive.

  • Multilingual image:tastomultilingua.png

This button allows user to enter multiple description for the field. Each description has to be associated to a specific language. The description shown will be the same as the program language

Example unit of measure
  • Unit of measure

These buttons allows to select a unit of measure from a list to associate to his field.

Copy / Paste

Holding the File:ctrl.png key and then pressing File:ins.png key on any text field will copy the text on the clipboard. It is possible to paste the copied text holding File:shift.png key and then pressing File:ins.png key.

Note N.B: in some keyboards the File:shift.png key is shown as File:freccia3.png

Space bar

Pressing the space bar key in every item list will disable the selected item. It will not be deleted from the archive but, it will not popup during searches, or editing a typology.

Note N.B: Once deactivated, the list item will be shown with a different colour. To activate it again just select it and press once again the space bar
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