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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Options menu, then select Backup copies

Content description

This function is necessary to make backup copies We strongly suggest making backup copies at least once a day to avoid the unrecoverable loss of data (profiles, typologies, work orders...). The loss of data can be caused by a sudden breakdown of the computer, or by a virus program that has unrecoverably damaged the data, or by a fault to the hard disk, or by other reasons. In all of these cases, the data cannot be recovered without the backup copies and therefore it is not possible to start work again. On the contrary, with backup copies, it would just be a matter of restoring them on the hardware in order to begin work again.

When this function is started, the following message will appear:

  • File:file.png: saves a backup to the selected file on disc.
  • File:local.png: creates a backup copy on the hard disk,in the Backup folder located under Opera folder.
  • File:file.png: opens the browse folder where the backup will be saved.

  • File:tastocopiatotale.png: starts the total backup process.
  • File:tastoattivatutti.png File:tastodisattivatutti.png: these buttons enable or disable all archives.

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