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L'Archivio categorie
Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Archives menu, then select Window classes

The categories archive has been created so that, when preparing an estimate, the typologies may be replaced with other items belonging to a different series or system without having to prepare the estimate again. To do this, it is necessary to assign a category to each typology making sure that some of them (as appropriate) will have the same category code. In this way, when you ask for typology replacement while making the estimate, the program will look for the typologies having the same category code of the present ones inside the system and series indicated.

The following table is an example of category code assignation on a typologies group.

Typologies Example of the category code that can be assigned
1-sash windows FIN1
1-sash window with roller shutter FIN1+AVV
2-sash windows FIN2
2-sash window with roller shutter FIN2+AVV
2-sash sliding windows SCO2
3-sash sliding windows SCO3
1-sash shutter windows PRS1
2-sash shutter windows PRS2

Description of contents

  • Name: The category code. Ex. FIN1.
  • Desc File:tastomultilingua.png: The description of the category. Ex. 1-sash window.
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