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La Tabella opzioni tipologie
Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Archives menu, then select Structure options

This archive is used to create Groups and Options for typologies. The aim of this function is to determine e series of accessories with the same functionality but different features, hence different Options, whom gathered within the same Group, on which while developing the casement in quotation is possible to make a quick choose of the kind of accessory, according the window features or the client request.

Note NOTE:
The options created within Window structure definition screen will be also stored in this archive.

Content description

  • GroupFile:tastoc.png: This box located underneath the screen title allows to filter the options accroding the group.
  • Name: Is the option name.
  • DescriptionFile:tastomultilingua.png: Describxe option’s features
  • Group File:tastomenutendina.png: It identifies the option.
  • Print window chart/Print scheme: If enabled, the option status will be reported in these prints.
  • Export to XML file: If enabled, the option details will be exported to XML file
  • Variable: a variable can be linked to an option, and will be enabled when the option does. Such variable can determine the features of the application.
  • Value: the value assigned to the enabled variable.
  • Manufacture time: the time of labor assigned to the option
  • Machining: the machining combined with the processing time
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