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This archive is used to store all the data about the technical feature of the saw machines. These informations is required to output a correct optimized list, the clamping of the profiles, the electronic file export and more.

Content description

  • Name: the name of the saw machine
  • Desc: saw machine description
  • Icon: the saw machine manufacturer logo
  • Blade width: the saw machine blade thickness
  • Correction value: The possible additional dimension to set out on the pallet to obtain the actual cut dimension. Leave the value at zero if you do not use it.
  • Cutting board lifting: This field reports the thickness value of a possible leaning slab upon the cutting board, it indicate the distance amid the profile’s leaning point and the cutting board.
  • N° of blades: the number of blades the saw machine work with
  • Dimension type: the type of dimension that has to be indicated in the cut print-out for 45° cutting. The type can be External, Internal, Profile core, Saw machine, Gauger.
  • Unit of measure: the measuring unit for the accessory
  • Checkout: the side for the unloading from the saw machine
  • Predefined profile reversal: reversal predefined setting left/right for profiles
  • No labels: if enabled, opera will not print labels for the profiles associated with this saw machine
  • No cutting list: if enabled, opera will not print the cutting list for the profiles associated with this saw machine

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