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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Options menu, then select Other parameters

Content description

  • Silicone caulking.: if enabled, silicon will always be assigned to the outer side of the typologies.
Note NOTE:
During automatic assigning of the panes, the program will always choose silicon as the external gasket if the image:tastoauto.png button is pressed .

  • Fixed win. drain cap: ie enabled,Opera accepts the inclusion of water plugs for the type of structure as Fixed.
  • Handle dim. ref.: the default handle measure to use when this one depends on an autoselection and is not possible to manually edit it.

Alla casella è abbinato un breve elenco dal quale l’operatore determina per tutte le tipologie, il riferimento della quota maniglia, quando questa dipende da un' autoselezione e non è possibile modificarla manualmente.

    • Structure: The handle dimension is taken from the handle axis to the wall base.
    • Sashes: The handle dimension is taken from the handle axis to the sash overlap.
    • Profile core: The handle dimension is taken from the handle axis to the sash, less the overlap
    • Encumbrance: The handle dimension is taken from the handle axis to the encumbrance.
  • Undo levels: Maximum undo allowed in worksheet.
  • Display color diagrams: if enabled, Opera will display colors in the typology layouts within Job Management window .
  • Edit assembled profiles: if enabled, Opera will display advanced features for managing assembled profiles in the work order material window .
  • Edit window type factor:if enabled, allows to set a value to be used in the whole cost calculation for each typology.
  • Edit window type data: if enabled, allows the user to edit Typology data fromthe Worksheet when handling complex typologies
  • Nodes autolearning: if enabled, Opera will use the nodes database to automatically create new ones.
  • Barcode ID type: the barcode type to use in Jobs
  • Warehouse managing type: the warehouse managing type.
    • Complete: Opera will manage all the items in the order bill.
    • Managed only: Opera will manage only with items already saved in stock. This will allow to work in stock only a set of items. It could be very useful because one can avoid to stock too many items which aren't supposed to be managed.
Note NOTE:
This setting will also affect the data displaying method in the order, checking and checkout phases
  • No leftover in order: if enabled, the program will not consider leftovers during the optimization, because the order will use complete bars only.
  • Check maintainance when program starts: if enabled, Opera will check the instruments maintainance deadline on startup.
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