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Job Lines Archive
Note N.B: To enter to this box into Opera Job Management: from Jobs menu, select the botton Management

Section 1: Action bottons

  • File:tastopiu.pngFile:tastomeno.pngFile:tastodiverso.pngFile:tastouguale.png: input keys, delete keys, edit keys and paste of a a document
  • With the botton File:tastoexcel.png you can export the document taking parts of technical catalogue archives in excel sheet.

Section 2: job line data

  • Name/Desc.: you can register job line name and decription.
  • Final price/Discount: it lets you to link a selling price and a discount to the job line. The Discount field is desabled if we activate Apply after total amount.
  • Apply after total: the activation of this field allows to apply the selling price of job line after total of windows.
  • Formula: it lets you to specify a formula to calculate job line price
  • Hide: it hides the job line in the quotation if turned it on.
  • Optionally: it allows you to make a job line optionally, if turned it on.
  • The Button File:tastoiconanew.png opens the box to insert the icon to match to the job line.

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