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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: from Job Management archive, press Image:tastomagazzino.png

This window contains the stock movements and allows to carry out the operations relative to the work order materials. The screen is divided into three parts to manage three different phases relative to the stock. Each window is explained hereafter.
Content description


This screen is used to print the orders and to load all materials into stock as soon as received. The list will output the rows relative to the orders to the suppliers, one row for each supplier that will include the load list that will be used to load the goods to stock.

  • File:tastostampa5.png: the program will immediately check the stock to verify which materials have to be ordered and then will open Printing parts order.
  • File:tastocarico.png: opens Inventory check-in, allowing the user to to load all materials to stock as soon as received relative to the fulfilled orders. In fact, as previously said, a load list is created automatically for each fulfilled order .
  • File:tastocancel.png: deletes the selected order from the list.

Leftover check in

This section is used to manage the leftover. It is possible to reuse the pieces and to load the leftover into stock.

  • File:tastostampariepilogo.png: recreates the optimised cutting list also including the leftover and prints out the leftover check in list.
Note NOTE:
In order to create the optimization printouts, Use leftover has to be enabled withind the Cutting parameters
  • File:tastocarico.png: opens Inventory check-in allowing the user to load into stock the leftover created during the optimisation outlined in the previous paragraph.

Reserve and check out

This section is used to book and unload the stock.

  • File:tastoimpegna2.png: this button is used to book the material. This should be the second action after order fulfillment. A brief list will be obtained to confirm the order and to make changes.
  • File:tastoscarico.png: opens Inventory check-out allowing the user to unload the material from the stock, used to carry out the work order. This is the last action of the stock management process relative to the work order. Also in this case there will be a pre-set unload list where you can make the necessary changes and confirm. The stock quantities will be updated at the end of the unload process.

  • File:tastocicloautomatico.png: enables automatic execution of the previous operations with new jobs.
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