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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Inventory menu, then select Stock Items

In the warehouse the program take in charge the stock on hold. It keep in control the quantity, the minimum in stock, the reserved, and develope a code for the usable reminder. The stock on hold being constantly updated by the program when the user develop the quotation.

Content description

Top filter

  • DiscountFile:tastomenutendina.png: enabling this box makes the program calculate and show the items with the discount set in the archive
  • Worked after / Worked before : these are just filters useful to search for the items in stock worked within a specific period of time.
  • Qty File:tastomenutendina.png: this field acts as a filter, too. According to the chosen value, it is possible to show all the items in stock, the items out of stock, or only the items in stock.
  • Search for: filters the stock items by keyword
  • Key search position: filters the stock items by the position


  • File:tastopiu.pngFile:tastomeno.pngFile:tastodiverso.pngFile:tastouguale.png: these are the default buttons used to add, delete, modify and duplicate the items in the archive.
  • File:tastostampa2.png: prints out the stock list for the stores. Two different types of print are available: the fist one, diplays the stock list along with the prices, the other one displays only the stock list with the position.
  • File:tastomovimenti.png: show the warehouse movements.
  • File:tastoetichette2.png: shows the inventory labels
Note NOTE:
This button is available only with Inventory Barcode step
  • File:tastocodicebarre.png: enables barcode reading for stock items.
Note NOTE:
This button is available only with Inventory Barcode step

Main content

  • Type File:tastomenutendina.png: the item type. It can be Profile, Accessory, Other.
  • Name File:tastoc.png: the item name.
  • Id.: the ID code of the item.
Note NOTE:
For profile leftovers, the program will automatically assign this code and will use it for identification during the re-use phase.
  • Desc: the item description. This field is retrieved from the archive when selecting an item.
  • Barcode File:tastoc.png: the item barcode.
Note NOTE:
Opera can manage and update stocks through an optical barcode reader. This function is availabel only in the Warehouse barcode step
  • Int. col. / Ext. col. / Color File:tastoc.png: the internal and external colouring of the profile or the accessory color.
  • UM File:tastomenutendina.png: the measurement unit to be assigned to the item
  • Price: the item price. this field is set by the program, that calculates the value according to the price from the archive.
  • Size: the amount of material based on the previously set measurement unit
  • Qty: the quantity of items based on the measurement unit and the dimensions that have been set.
Note NOTE:
For example, if you are loading a profile leftover, the number of existing items with the set dimensions must be input.
  • Reserved File:tastov.png: quantity that has already been booked. This field is usually set by the program;
  • Parts ordered File:tastov.png: the quantity being part of an order underway. This field is compiled by the program according the bills already saved. Bills can checked pushing the associated button
  • Minimum in stock: the minimum quantity which must be maintained in the stock.
Note NOTE:
For example, if you want to have at least one box of hinges always available, you will need to input 1 in this field.
  • Loading from a list File:tastov.png: the number of items to load from a file list
  • Understock ordered: this field is automatically checked when the required items to reach the minimum stock has been ordered
  • Physical warehouse File:tastoc.png: the physical warehouse code.
  • Pos.: the item position which might be referred to the its positions in the racks, making easy to trace it when needed.
  • Last moving: the date of the last moving of the item. This field is not editable, it is updated by the program.
  • Saw machine File:tastomenutendina.png: the saw machine.
  • File:tastoarchivio.png: this is a direct link with the archives of the items. The user can go within with no needs to get out from the stocks.
  • File:tastopeso2.png: this button is used to switch from the quantity view to the weight view for the items and vice versa.
  • File:tastototali.png: this button opens the screen with the totals whose values displayed by type. The totals refer to the items in the list
  • File:tastosottoscorta.png: this button allows you to check all materials whose stocks are low
  • File:tastocarico3.png: it is through this button that the optical device carry out the loading procedure of incoming materials. Once the code is acquired the program displays a screen with the acquired barcode and the its related quantity.
  • File:tastoscarico3.png: this button manages the outgoing quantity. Pushing it the program will open a new screen with the acquired barcode and the its related quantity.
Note NOTE:
the functions of the File:tastocarico3.png File:tastoscarico3.png are only available with the Inventory barcode step
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