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Multilingual fields allow, when creating an archive, to associate text fields with one or more descriptions related to different languages. During visualization, the language shown for each field of this type will be the one relative to the language set by the operator. Multilingual fields are identified by the icon image:tastomultilingua.png.

As you can see from the image on the side, clicking on the image:tastomultilingua.png button will appear a box in which you can select a language from a drop-down menu and associate a description. In the example two descriptions have been inserted: one in Italian language, the other in English language.

If in Opera Job Management the Italian language interface has been set, all multilingual descriptions with Italian matching will be shown. Conversely, if the interface is shown in English, multilingual descriptions, if set, will also be displayed in English. If no language is associated with a description, the description will be interpreted by Opera as the default description.

The description displayed when Opera's language is set to Italian
The description displayed when Opera's language is set to English
The description displayed when any other language is set in Opera

This procedure is valid for any other language in the program.

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