How to install Opera Job Management license on another pc

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Here are the steps to install the Opera Job Management license from one computer to another and reconfigure the program on another work station.
The OPERA folder is installed in the C:\ directory of the computer.

  • Locate the computer on which the software is already installed
  • Search in the directory C:\ the folder OPERA
  • Copy the folder and paste it to external media (USB or HARD DISK).
  • Insert the external media on another computer and copy OPERA folder
  • Paste OPERA folder into the C:\ directory of your computer.
  • Open OPERA folder and look for the executable wopera.exe.
  • Insert Opera license USB key into your computer.
  • Start the wopera.exe executable with a double click

Note N.B: this procedure is also valid for Opera Accounting Management the only difference is that the folder is called OPERAGC
Note N.B: it is not necessary to set the paths because this procedure preserves the configuration of the starting station.
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