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JOZ (Job Opera Zip) is a file format used by Opera to contain in compressed format the store orders of the Job Management Manual that is composed of the files OPERACOM.DAT, T*. DAT, D*. DAT, A*.DAT. Usually these files are in the ORDERS folder.

To view the contents of a JOZ file you need to use the program oz.exe (Opera Zip) via the command line from the Opera workbook:


C:\opera>oz file.joz

Please note that just the job search is not enough to view the data of a job. In fact, you also need to have all the archives (profiles, accessories, etc. etc.).

How to transfer a job.

To transfer a job from one Opera program to another you can use the JOZ File function.

Enter the Orders menu and the Management submenu.

Without entering the change of the order, click on the button

This command allows us to:

  • divide the orders into several folders - v. folder ORDERS
  • create a JOZ File
  • send orders by e-mail with JOZ format
  • separate the files of the selected individual jobs in the external backup folder Backup Path

Now we have to search the computer for a previously created JOZ file or create a new one by choosing the path to save it and the name.

The window that appears allows you to insert or delete the orders from the Orders folder to which Opera is pointing (right column) to the JOZ file (left column) and vice versa.

The filters at the top help us in the choice of orders: Year, date (from - to), Status, Key and View. In versions prior to, filters only include the date (from - to). When importing the orders from the JOZ file to the Orders folder, Opera asks, whether the number of the entered order is already used, whether to overwrite the present order or add it with progressive number.

Note NOTE:
The JOZ file brings only the data to reconstruct the job, it doesn’t drag anything of the archives; therefore it can happen to find typologies with unrecognized codes if articles are missing in the archives, or it can happen that the calculations of the bill of cut or the inserted accessories are different if sensitive to the values inserted in the archives of the articles (profiles or accessories) used within the typology. In addition, the JOZ file can be reused several times by adding or deleting the jobs present.
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