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L'archivio ordini
Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Inventory menu, then select Check-in and Check-out lists

This necessary to manage (add, modify, cancel...) the load lists of the remainders or the booking lists, being processed by the work orders using the stock movement screen.

Content description

  • Year: the year in which the order has been made.
  • Sequence nr: the progressive number of the list.
  • List type: the type of the list (Check-in or Check-out).
  • Desc.: the data of the work order which the list belongs to.
  • Data: the processing date of the list
  • File:tastomateriali.png: this button is necessary to open the materials management screen where all materials belonging to the order will be listed, along with their weights, prices, stock situation, etc.
  • File:tastocarico.png: this button is necessary to load all materials relative to the orders that have been processed into the stock as soon as they are received. As already explained, every processed order will have a load list created automatically by the program. After loading, the load list will automatically be cancelled by the orders list if all of the materials have been loaded. On the other hand, if all of the materials have not been loaded, for example because some did not arrive, the list will be left until the order has been entirely loaded.
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