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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Archives menu, then select Change Codes

This function is used to replace material codes. It can be useful, for example, to replace a handle, a hinge or a profile code on a group of typologies in the archive.

Content description

  • Code OriginFile:tastomenutendina.png: the origins of the operation, that is, it specifies whether one is working on a direct operation, inserting the code manually, or if the source of the replacement is taken from a text file.

  • TypeFile:tastoc.png: Shows the type of material to be replaced. Some of the possible values are: Profile, Accessory, Colour, System, Series, Supplier, Saw
Note N.B: If Series is selected, item codes have to be added manually from the archive.
  • Old codeFile:tastoc.png: The material code to be replaced. It can be typed in or found on the list
  • New codeFile:tastoc.png: The new code to be given to the material. It can be typed in or found on the list.
  • FileFile:tastop.png:Indicates the path the program must follow to load the files containing the codes to be replaced.
  • System e SeriesFile:tastomenutendina.png: these fields indicate the system and series the material belongs to.

Selecting the archives After setting out the previous values, it will be necessary to select the archive o which the replacement should be done. It will be necessary to select the archive on which the replacement should be done.

Every archive is outlined by a true/false box. It is possible to select several archives at the same time. Remember to disable those archives on which the replacement should not be done.

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