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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Options menu, then select Program setup

This windows allows edit the main settings of Opera Job Management.

Content description

  • Language image:tastomenutendina.png: the interface language.
  • Use fractionary: if enabled, decimal numbers are shown as fractionary when possibile.
  • Decimal dot: the character to use for decimals separator
  • Thousand separator: the character to use for thousand separator
  • Edit Windows: if enabled, text fields editing will be windows-like; also copy-paste function will be enabled
  • Selection follows mouse: if enabled, selection in lists follow mouse without clicking
  • Background image image:tastop.png: the pathname of an image file to use as main window background
  • Type: the background position
  • Background image:tastomenutendina.png: the background color of the main window
  • Keyboard on video: if enabled, the on scren keyboard will be shown on screen

  • OSK (On Screen Keyboard) image:tastop.png: the pathname of the on screen keyboard executable.
  • Check for upgrades: if enabled, Opera will check for updates on startup.
  • Enable vocal messages: if enabled, vocal messages will describe every content in the current window.
  • Messagge voice image:tastomenutendina.png: the voice to use for vocal message
  • Exit image:tastomenutendina.png: the audio card to use for sound playback
  • Reader port image:tastomenutendina.png: the serial port for barcode scanners
  • Parameters: com port parameters for barcode scanner
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