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Content description

  • Name: the header name
  • Desc:: the header description
  • Default: set header as default
  • Width/Height: set the header size
  • Disable default header: hide date and page number in documant headers
  • Disable job header: hide job details in document headers
  • Set margins: set the document margins (Top margin, Bottom margin, Left margin, Right margin)
  • Position File:tastomenutendina.png: the heading position in the document (Lower, Upper, Background, Left, Right)
  • Alignment File:tastomenutendina.png: the heading alignment in the document (Left, Right, Center)
  • Top margin/Bottom margin/Left margin/Right margin: set the margins of the document between headers.
  • Type File:tastomenutendina.png: the document on which the header will be printed (Documents, Optimizatione,etc.)
  • AgentFile:tastoc.png:agen name to whom print the headers (only for type Documents and Window Chart)
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