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Note N.B: To access this panel in Opera Job Management: from the Jobs menu, select the Suppliers.

The contact management framework

This archive functions as a database for storing the data of one's contacts, which can be stored as Customer,Supplier,Agent, or Other. It is very useful when creating the material order, as it allows you to automatically fill in the contact header data.

Below is a description of the contents of the framework:

  • Key, Type, Sort by: These boxes are used to facilitate and speed up the search for a specific contact, and to sort them in the list in a way that best suits the operator's need.
  • File:tastostampa2.png: Starts printing the Contact Archive: the operator has two types of printing available: List and Phone List. In the first case, an alphabetical printout of registered customers is obtained; in the second case, the printout obtained is a telephone directory, in which the customers are divided into a few sheets marked by the letter of the alphabet.

  • Code: This is the code of the contact that is automatically assigned by the program but can be varied.
  • Name, Address, Zip, Country, City, Province: These are the contact's personal and residence data that will be reported in the inherent printouts.
  • VAT number: These are the business details of the contact.
  • Main contact: Il mentionne le nom de la personne de contact.
  • Tel. #1, Tel.#2, Cell. Fax , E-mail, Notes, Skype(TM): These are the supplier's availability details.
  • Discount: Percentage discount you apply to the contact.
  • Payment conditions: It is the time for the balance of the order agreed upon with the contact (e.g.:30-60-g.\60-90-g.)
  • Bank: This is the bank to which the contact refers to make payments.
  • CurrencyFile:tastoc.png: It is the currency in which you make payments to the contact.
  • Delivery: It is the average delivery time of the contact.
  • Print valued order: If this box is enabled, the order printout will include the costs.
  • Do not print FPC: If this box is enabled, the order print will not be included in the FPC.
  • File:tastoopzioni2.png: allows management of options on accessories: if the customer uses accessories or hardware with specific characteristics they can be managed directly through this button.
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