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Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Inventory menu, then select Stock items

The Inventory management
  • File:tastomovimenti.png: clicking this button will open Inventory movements of the current item, in which you can also add manual movement, such a loadings/unloadings.

Let’s see how to perform warehouse inventory:

  • Click on File:tastopiu.png button to add a new entry. We can choose between Inventory/Load/Unload
  • After selecting movement type, fill all needed fields (ie. Operator, quantity, value) and save
  • The list on the left will be updated with the new entry, a timestamp and the icon of the movement: for inventory, for loading, and for unloading.


Note N.B: following movements will take account of previous stock quantities, updating all item data accordingly.

Let’s assume warehouse inventory has already been completed, and we’ve just received some extra stock from our supplier. It is possible to add an extra movement to load the extra stock only:

  • click on File:tastopiu.png for a new entry and press “Load”;
  • fill all needed fields (ie. Operator, quantity, value) and save.

The movement list will be then updated with the new entry.

Inventory movements for a single item can be applied to the whole inventory, clicking on the following button File:tastomovimenti.png from the section on the left


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