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Waste classes are used when you need to calculate waste cost for job parts using more waste percentages rather than the standard one. You can assign a waste class to:

  • systems
  • series
  • profiles
  • accessories

Adding new waste classes

Note N.B: To start working with waste classes you have to access Waste classes from Archive menĂ¹.

  • Click on File:tastopiu.png to add a new item
  • Set a name and description for the new waste class (e.g Gaskets and profiles).
  • Set a percentage value for the new class.
  • If the waste class is available only for a specific color, we can set it in the related field.
  • Repeat these steps for every waste class you wish to add to your database.

Assigning a waste class

Note N.B: A waste class can be assigned from the archive items.

  • System (Systems) and Series (Series): we can assign a new class in these dialogs using Profile waste class and Accessories waste class fields

  • Profiles and accessories (Profiles, Accessories): we can assign a new class in these dialogs using Waste class field


In parts list of a job you can check enabled waste classes clicking on button File:Tastoclassisfrido2.png.

Parts list detail
Waste classes assigned to the current job

However, you can customize waste classes on the current job from Calculations

Clicking on image:tastocalcoli.png a new dialog will open. You can click on image:tastopercentuale2.png next to waste% field to open a setup window, in which you can configure which class to enable/disable, or set a different value for each class, if needed.

Job calculations
Job waste classes
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