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I parametri dell'azienda

Margin rates are used when you need to link different margin percentages to the following costs:


Margin rates

Note N.B: Working with Margin rates requires to set one or more rules in Margin rates dialog, clicking on Jobs >> Margin Rates

  • Click File:tastopiu.png to add a new item
  • Set name and description of the margin rate (example Profiles and Standard profiles).
  • Set a percentage value for the margin rate.
  • Link a color to the margin rate item.
  • Save

Margin rates sets

Margin rates can be grouped in sets, thus allowing to create custom profiles for your need (example: a set for private customer and a dedicated set for companies). Once you created margin rates in archive, you can work on margin rates to build your custom sets. Here is the procedure:

  • Open margin rates and add a new item with Image:Tastopiu.png
  • Insert name and description of the new set

  • Save item and edit again, openinb now Margin rates percentages clicking on Image:Tastoclassiutile.png, si aprirà la finestra
  • Clicking on Image:Tastopiu.png, you can now add a margin rate to your set, and customize its value, if needed.
  • Save and repeat this procedure for all margin rates included in your set.

Assigning margin rates

Note N.B: Assigning a margin rate can be done in multiple layers, starting from a global setting in Company Data, to a more detailed one such as a single profile or accessory

Here follows the list of dialogs involving margin rates:

Assigning a margin rate set

Note N.B: A set can be assigned in PriceList items and Job dialogs.

Here are a few examples:

Il quadro di gestione delle varianti listino

Margin rates in Jobs

You can check margin rates assigned to every item in gestione dei materiali clicking on buttonFile:Tastoclassiutile2.png.

If you set margin rates in company data, these will be automatically assigned to all jobs

Job parts
Margin rates assigned to the job

However you can customize margin rates for every single job. Clicking on button image:tastocalcoli.png will open a new dialog. You can check all margin rates clicking on button image:tastopercentuale2.png next to % margin field. Any margin rate automatically set can be disabled. You will be able to override default value with a custom one

Job calculation
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