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The Warehouse documents
Note N.B: To access this window from Opera Job Management: open Inventory menu, then select Documents


This dialog is used to manually inventory documents. The document has its own symbol for a quick recognition and you will be able to print it and check all its movements.

How to save a new document

  • Click on File:tastopiu.png button to add a new item.
  • Choose Type File:tastomenutendina.png Profile, from the drop down list.
  • Click on File:tastopiu.png button to add a new document.
  • Sequence n°: order number. This is automatically assigned
  • Year: the year of the document
  • Type File:frecciagiu.png: choose the document type Inventory
  • Description: a description for the new document
  • Created on / Hour: creation date and time for the document
  • Printed on/ Hour: printing date and time for the document
  • Origin: the source to which the document is linked to (none/safety stock restore/job/grouping). If job/grouping is selected, you have to select sequence number and id
  • Rows: number of entries is the document.

  • File:tastomateriale.png: this button opens Document Lines dialog

The Inventory document

Just after opening this dialog, you will be asked to choose which type of movement to add. In this case, we choose an inventory document

  • Type: the type of the item to add (profile/accessory/other)
  • Name: the item name. Pressing allow to select an existing item from inventory
  • Description: the description of the item
  • IntCol – ExtCol: the color of the item added
  • Size: the dimension type of the item (lenght/pieces…)
  • Length/Height/Weight: if any of these is available in archive, it will be imported
  • Id: item ID
  • Date/Hour: Insert date of the item in the document
  • Operator: user involved in the operation on this document
  • Type: displays the usage type of the document (load/unload/inventory/reservation/leftover)
  • Warehouse/position: used to link the entry in the document to the actual item in warehouse
  • Qty: the item quantity involved in this movement
  • Unit valuee: used to set the value of a single item unit

Once you finished adding items, you can print inventory document

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