How to add hinges in inventory

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Warehouse management
Note N.B: Click on Inventory,then Stock items

  • Click on File:tastopiu.png button to add a new item
  • Choose Type File:tastomenutendina.png Accessory, from the drop down list
  • Set item Nome File:tastoc.png picking it up from accessory selection dialog. Item description is automatically imported
  • Select hinge color from Color selection dialog
  • Dimension type is automatically added using the current one from the archive.

Stock/Reserved/Parts ordered/Loading from list: these fields are automatically updated on every inventory operation on the item

  • Safety stock: if needed, you can set a minimum quantity required in stock for the item

Clicking on File:tastomovimentazione.png button will open a dialog which displays the movement history of the item. Manual operation for loading/unloading/inventory can be added

Note NOTE:
This allows to add the same item in inventory with different colors. All items will be shown in the inventory list.

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