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Note N.B: To access this dialog from Opera Job Management:: from Worksheet, select button File:note.png abd click on the spot along the typology edge you wish to add a note. This will open dialog "Typology notes"


Linking a note to a typology allows to keep track of important information during production process, like warnings on a particular cutting.

Note NOTE:
the new note will be diaplayed in typology diagrans, Structure diagrams and Structures and machinings

How to add a note

  • Set a Title and a font Size
  • If neede, set a background and foreground color for text
  • Enable Vertical field if you want want to set vertical orientation for the tex(available from version 3.8.2).
  • If you enable Show in machinings view the note will be show only when machinings are dislayed in worksheet

File:tastoimmagine.png: this button allows to link a picture to the new note.

File:tastoelimina.png File:tastocopia1.png: these buttons are displayed for an existing note. You can use them to edit/copy/delete the note.

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